Telecom Equipments to Export to Cameroon

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Kamerun’da telekomünikasyon ve enerji nakil sektöründe faaliyetleri bulunan bir firma elektrik elektronik malzemeler ile iletişim malzemeleri konusunda tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Telecom Equipments to export to Cameroon
My name is Ngnokam, Telecom Engineer at **** in Douala Cameroon
I would like to visit your company, the **** company needs a lot of Materials for this activity.
**** is committed to providing transmission and access, information management, cable and connectivity, test and measurement, telecom OSP, statutory and customers’ requirements at all time
Our Vision is to create an information technology and technical services unique to our client and focus on providing a cost-effective solution to the telecom industry, civil engineering, application development and other institutions.