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Hollandalı hazır giyim firması fason kaliteli tişört ve yüzme şortu yaptırabilecekleri Türk firmalar aradıklarından beyan etmiştir.
We own a clothing line in the Netherlands.
for us is it really important that we can find a factory where we can work together with and where we can grow with.
We are willing to invest a lot of money in our company and to work with sireus people and good quality cloths.
We want to work with a factory that can produce as much as possible from our collection.
(For now that is only T-shirts and swimming trunks)
We need to work with minimum orders from around the 100 per pieces
Our collection is based on Only T- shirt with different colors, styles we want to start with that.
Also the swimming trunks from the best quality.
It is really important for us that factory  can make packing and delivery.
We are looking for  the best quality T- shirt
T- shirts ( two designs )
Swimming trunks ( three designs )
What is the price per T-shirt?
What is the minimum order ?
What country is your factory based?
Can you give us information of the clothing you make and maybe pictures?
kind regards