Steel Grit & Shot for Sand Blasting Ordering from Oman

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Umman’da mühendislik ve müteahhitlik faaliyetlerinde bulunan bir firma kumlama işleminde kullanılan kum ve çelik bilye çeşitleri ithal etmek istediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Steel Grit & Shot for Sand Blasting ordering from Oman
Dear Sir
We have a requirement of following Grade Garnet, Steel Grit & Steel Shot, please send your best rate, stock status and payment terms to proceed further.
Garnet-30-60 Mesh Size – 208 Tons
Steel Grit & Steel Shot
GL- 25 – 100 Tons ( 4 CNTR-25 Tons X 4 nos)
S 390 – 13 Tons
S 330 – 12 Tons
We wish to introduce our company **** Engineering Services LLC, a company based in Oman and in business since 1983.
We are member of the **** Group, which operates with 14 companies in 5 countries.
We are engaged in Manufacturing, Trading and Contracting business, serving the Oman market as well as the middle east.
We are dealers and stockists for Industrial consumables, small construction machinery, Metal fabrication machinery as well as Power Tools, through our trading entity.
We hereby write to you to enquire about the possibility of representing your products in Oman, in case your company does not have a representation in this particular region.
We believe our strong presence in the local market would enable us to reign in a fair share of the market by utilizing our existing client base as well as tapping the unlimited potential that exists in this market in the years ahead.
We hope to hear from you, on whether you would be interested in exploring this possibility as well as any criteria and conditions for representing your products in this country.
Awaiting your valuable reply to proceed further
Your earlier reply will be appreciable.
Note -Please quote CIF Sohar Port