Slaughterhouse to Set up in Mongolia

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Moğolistan’da et ihracatçısı olmak için girişimlere başlayan bir firma soğutma ve depolama üniteleri dahil komple bir mezbaha işletmesi kurmayı planladıklarından bahisle Türk firmalardan anahtar teslim fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
Slaughterhouse to set up in Mongolia
Dear Sir or Madam,
Please accept our warm greeting from Mongolia
Our Company is working to be the meat exporter, so we can set up meat processing complex factory.
We have acquainted with your company’s specialized devices for meat & slaughtering processing accurately then watched video on it via internet site.
The right equipment can make a world of difference in a small meat processing facility.
On this page we have videos of several processors sharing their favorite pieces of equipment and processor-to-processor advice about equipment.
We have planned 50 sheep and 10 cows for slaughtering per day. Our slaughterhouse and meat storage plant are planned to be in along with the stable line at the same time.
Please send us price proposal and catalogs of the following items. Those are:
• Full line and registration equipment for slaughter 500-700 sheep and 250-300 cows per day /scheme of facilities /
• Meat storage, drying and frozen equipment, registration devise /outline of construction facilities /
• Line installed in travelling slaughter auto machine
• Modern latest laboratory controlling devices for animal and meat
• Processed meat product storage, cold and drying storage equipment, accounting complex devices.
• Customized solutions from one source Longtime experience in industrial wastewater treatment
We would like to buy above devices or equipment. If we buy them, we hope that you will provide some services including install the equipment, provide the parts and give assurance equipment integrity and educate our people.
We kindly request you send us price proposal as soon as possible.
Looking forward hearing from you soon.
Kind Regards,
Looking forward to hearing from you soon .