Sosyal Paylaşım:


Suudi Arabistanlı bir tüccar firma Türkiye’den deri ayakkabılar ithal etmek istediklerinden bahisle ilgilenen tedarikçi firmaların detaylar konusunda kendileriyle irtibata geçmelerini talep etmiştir.
Dear Sir,
We are Trading company in Saudi Arabia and we would like to make deal with you to import leather shoes so we need to know some information like
– could you provide  us  with  any design we would request ? for example if we send to you any design could you imitate the same design with our own brand.
– What about your own design could you provide us  your catalogue Design?
– How much the price list? approximately(range of price) .
– the process of  of cargo(how long it will take to reach Saudi Arabi ,How much it will cost.
– Do deal with any  trust cargo company?
– and we  want to know payment condition .