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Ürdün’de mühendislik ve müteahhitlik faaliyetlerinde bulunan bir firma 4000 Gph kapasiteli RO tip su arıtma sistemi anahtar teslim kurulumu için fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
RO Water Treatment System to set up in Jordan
Dear Sir/Madam,
**** Engineering is a limited liability company that specializes in providing Economic Energy & Engineering solutions to the residential, commercial, governmental and industrial sectors. The company was founded in 1991 by Eng.
We have the requirement for the following system.
Kindly quote for us your best price and delivery time.
Provision of technical data sheets and performance is essential. Your response by return is highly appreciated.
4000 GPH
• Feed flow @ 95.35 gpm – 70% or > recovery – 66.475 gpm permeate flow
• 18.5kW or 24.8hp High pressure pump
• 460 or 480V/3pH/60Hz
• Membrane Elements: Qty. 15, 8″x40″membranes, serialized for traceability
• Vessels: Qty. 5, 3 membranes per vessel, 300 psi rating and FRP Construction
• Pump RO: Multi-stage Grundfos or equal, TEFC, 316 stainless steel, with soft start
• Pump feed: Multi-stage Grundfos or equal, TEFC, 316 stainless steel
• Control: touch screen monitor
• Monitoring: flow monitoring (brine and product), pressures, TDS (feed and product), alarms
• Pre-treatment lockout
• Automatic product flush w/pump and storage tank
• Pre-filter (on-skid), 5 micron bag filter
• Valves: Stainless brine valve, GF electric actuated ball valves, individual product sampling valves for each vessel
• Gauges: Stainless case, glycerin filled for vessel array in/out and filter in/out
• Plumbing: Schedule 80 PVC. Stainless steel fasteners
• Minimum 20′ seaworthy container
Flow Rate Specifications:
Total Raw Flow from Source: 95.35 gpm
Product Flow: 66.75 gpm
Concentrate Flow: 3.47
Product TDS: 28 ppm
Feed TDS: 3,727 ppm
Please include 2 sets of spare RO membranes per ROWPU unit and included in the total price.
include a 6 month supply of spare pre-filter cartridges (5 micron) in the total price
A standard 1 year commercial warranty shall be included in the purchase price