Request of Polypropylene bags

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Makedonya’lı büyük bir firma gıda ambalajı kapsamında kullanılmak üzere 1.000.000 adet bigbag ithal etmek istemektedir
Request of Polypropylene bags
This is what we actually need: Big Polypropylene bags: Ex-Factory prices plus delivery time.
Dimensions: 1150 x 1150 x 1950mm
Load capacity: 1500kgs
Opening/Closing : Opening & Closing system for the top, with exhaust valve at the bottom
Markings: 4 sides, name of company, weight of big bag, year of manufacture of bag, ink color black
Big Bag Color: white
Type: non-warping
Usage: Food grade(hazelnuts)
Quantity: 20 pieces for a trial, future >1000K pieces