Red pepper buying inquiry

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Red pepper buying inquiry
Dear Sir,
Good day!
Could you please send us your best FOB offer from the market for per MT with the following items:
  • Red chili powder (25kg packing).
  • Millet seeds (Please inform us types of packing avail).
  • sunflower seeds size “190-200”, “200-210” (Please inform us types of packing avail).
  • peanuts red skin (25kg packing).
  • peanuts white skin (25kg packing).
  • peanuts without skin (25kg packing).
  • red pepper (25kg packing).
Its depend may be every quarterly 1-4 containers. So please send us your offer soon.
Each products minimum one container.
Payment terms – LC.
We may require some samples.
Best Regard,