Rectangular gratings ordering RFQ from Oman

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Umman’dan iletişime geçen bir firma 300ton miktarda çelik dikdörtgen yer ızgaraları satın almak istediklerini belirterek teknik detayları mesajında beyan etmiştir.
Rectangular gratings ordering RFQ from Oman
We are looking for gratings supplier for one of our RFQ.
We request you to please quote your best price CIF Muscat Sultanate of Oman along with delivery schedule.
Also we request you to kindly send the product details.


Please find the below rectangular grating details:
Material: ASTM A1011 commercial steel (Type B)
Bearing bar: 30 x 3 mm
Cross bar: 6 mm square twisted bar
Spacing: 30 mm x 100 mm pitch
Finish: Hot dip galvanized
Welding: Electro welded.
Clamps: HILTI X-BT Stud and X-FCM-M Faster.
Qty – 300 MT (approx.)
  1. Suitable Stair thread approx. 100 MT
Note to Supplier
Qty Tolerance + or – 10% 15% subject to client BOM.
Delivery Period: From February 2019
Bill of Materials: Shall be given after receipt of client drawings.
Price Validity Required: Min 6 months (up to June 2019)