Peynir çeşitleri ithal etmek istiyor

Sosyal Paylaşım:

Peynir çeşitleri ithal etmek istiyoruz
We are interested in long-term cooperation with dairy producers
Rusya’nın Avrupa ve ABD’den gıda ürünleri ithalatını yasaklaması sebebiyle ihtiyacı olan peynir çeşitlerini Türkiye’den ithal etmek isteyen bir firma düzenli çalışabileceği üreticiler aradığını beyan etmiştir.
My name is Lidya. I’m from Russia.
We are interested in long-term cooperation with dairy producer.
Especially we are looking for equivalents of such cheeses as rikota, mascarpone, parmesan, grûer.
You know that Russian federation stopped buying any products from Europe and USA and now the cheese range at russian market is very frugal.
We will be glad if you tell us about your products, its producing, products’ certificates.
Have you ever experience of products delivery to Russia?
How many days does it takes?
We’d like to purchase a test batch of suitable cheeses.
Is it possible? Of course after full amount payment.
We also can come to Turkey for degustation and purchase.
If the taste and price suit our clients we will be ready to buy the fist batch.
We will certificate it and sell.
In the case of successful implementation we will order the next batch.
We hope for long-term cooperation.