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Filistinli doğal taş ürünleri satıcısı bir firma toplamda 15.000 m2 3 cm Muğla mermeri levha için fiyat teklifi talep etmekte olup, ikili görüşmeler yapmak ve ürünleri yerinde incelemek için Ağustos ayı ortalarında Türkiye’ye geleceğini belirtmiştir.
Dear sir
We are stone company from Jerusalem Palestine
recently we are receiving a lot of requests for mugla marbla 30X free X 3 cm sandblasted finish
we did not work with this marble before but the company decided to start marketing this stone here in Palestine
so my job is to find good supplier for this marble ,
the quantities that usually been requested are large each project is between 5000 to 15000 sqm
please let me know if you can supply such marble in such quantities and if you think that we can work together
I will plan for visit to Turkey in the mid of august to visit your factory and your quarries
for now I have request for
mugla marbla 30X free X 3 cm sandblasted = 15000 sqm
please let me know what is you best price that you can offer for this marble and what is the production time and payment terms
Best regards