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Fas’ta boya, plastik, deterjan, ilaç, gıda ve su arıtma endüstrileri için kimyasal maddeler sağlayan bir ithalatçı firma Türkiye’den mikronize kalsiyum karbonat ithal etmek istemekte olup farklı tane büyüklükleri için torbalanmış ürün nakliye dahil fiyat talep etmektedir.
Micronized Calcium Carbonates regular import to Morocco
**** is a subsidiary of a spanish group *** international, leader in investments and exports to the Maghreb, with three subsidiaries in Algeria.
One subsidiary in Morocco **** Sarl and a representative office in Iran.
We are specializing in the commercialisation and distribution of a wide range of chemicals products covering several sectors, paint, plastics, detergents, pharmaceutical, water treatment and food industry.
Created since 1984, we have acquired a real expertise in those fields and propose to our customer clear and precise turnkey solutions. Besides, we operate with all the moroccan paint producers.
Presently we are looking for partners to provide us high quality products at competitive prices in order to fulfil our client’s requests.
Actually, we are interested in Micronized calcium carbonates for coating & plastic.
So, we would be grateful if you would provide us with a quote for the following items :
-CaCO3 : 2 micon.
-CaCO3 : 5 micon.
-CaCO3 : 10 micon.
-CaCO3 : 15 micon.
Incoterm: CFR CASA
Packing : Bag of 25 Kg.
We look forward to hearing from you