Medical and Surgical Products – import to Vietnam

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vietnam-ameliyathane malz

Vietnam firması hastane projeleri kapsamında medikal ve ameliyat sarf malzemeler satın almak istiyor.
We need buy : HME filter has a CO2 system, with the co Connected to like a air host, Air flow rate 150 – 1500 ml
– About 57ml die
– Antibacterial ability for gas stream 30lt / min 8.5mm H2O; 60lt / min 21.5mm H2O; 90lt / min 40mm H2O
– 1 standard 22mmF connection, 1 other connector the other 15mmF standard or 22mmF standard through a separate connector.
– Ability to keep moisture 37.5 mm H2O / L
– EO sterilization products
Besides we need other accessorries. Can you email me( in English) to take conservation
Many thanks!