Makedonya, Medikal bantlar ve alçı ithalat talebi

Sosyal Paylaşım:


Makedonya’da yeni kurulan bir medikal malzeme satıcısı firma Türkiye’den medikal bantlar, alçı malzemeleri gibi sarf malzemeler konusunda düzenli çalışabileceği tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Dear Sir/Madam,
It is a new company founded in Skopje, capital of Republic of Macedonia whose main activity is sale of medical disposable.
We have already made some analysis of the Macedonian market and we also have a big,
sure customer who owns 150 drugstores so now we are looking for a manufacturers with whom we can establish long term collaboration.
We have gone through your catalog to get to know your products
but it would be very nice if you could provide some additional information like your pricelist, MOQ and usual delivery time.
We are also interested if you have all the necessary documents for registration of the products like: Declaration of conformity, EC certificate, ISO 13485,
Free sale certificate and authorization that XXXXXX DOO Skopje can register, import and sale your products.
Our future plans are to participate in public tenders too and to extend our business as much as we can.
Now we are sending you our initial require for a year which of course can vary after the sale of some product starts.
Despite some quantities are still missing ( you can give us there your price for the MOQ for that product)
so that we can try and sale them on our market and give us your best prices because the competition here is big.
Looking forward to hear from you very soon.
Thank you in advance for your time and response.