LPG Plant to set up to Zambia

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zambiya-lpg tüp

Zambiya firması LPG tüp 3&45 kg dolum tesisi anahtar teslim kurulum teklifi almak istiyor.
I am from Zambia and plan on setting up a LPG plant.
I would like to know if you are able to supply all the equipment necessary to set up a lpg storage and filling plants including cylinders.
I would also want to know if you are able to supply LPG to Zambia.
I would appreciate if you could send a pdf with all the information regarding the equipment needed for the plant, the process of sending it to Zambia and setting up as well as all the prices and costs. Could please give me all your information and quotes of the following:
1- 50 CBM LPG Storage Tank
2- Cylinders ranging from 3kg – 45kg ( are you able to brand them if we provide designs and specifications)
3- Filling machines including:
-Electronic filling scale
-Control cabinet
-Ball valves for pipelines