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İsveç’ten iletişime geçen bir müşteri dantelli iç giyim ürünleri ithalatı yapmak istediğini, bu konuda kaliteden taviz vermeden üretim yapan firmalarla uzun dönemli çalışma planladığını beyanla ilgilenen firmalardan sunum talep etmektedir.

my name is Faye and i’m writing from Sweden.
I’m looking for a very good manifacture to import underwear from – in detail; lace thongs.
I want to ship these underwear to Sweden and was wondering if this is something your manufacture has a speciality in?
  1. How many different type of lace do you have?
  2. Do you have existing models? or can I send you my model and you can make a cloned one? Do you rather want drawings than me sending the orginial model?
  3. Will you send me samples?
  4. How can I choose between the different qualities? I want them to be in lace with a very good quality
  5. Can I put my own logo on it? Please let me know if we can set up a skype call.
Thanks you,