Kuru kayısı ithal etmek istiyor

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Kuru kayısı ithal etmek istiyoruz
Dried apricots purchasing volume is up to 8000 tons.
Rusyalı kuruyemiş ve kuru gıda toptancısı bir firma toptan kuru kayısı ithal etmek istemektedir.
Dear Sirs,
Please accept sincere regards from our company, Saint-Petersburg Russia.
We are kindly addressing for Your assistance in order to foster to build up strong long-term business relations between our companies. Our company is a wholesale trader of nuts, dried fruits and snacks with a well-established customer net that cover all the territory of the Russian Federation as well as other countries within Customs Union.
Ecoline deals with a federal and regional retail nets, as well as within major part of distributors. Currently Our company is in search for reliable Partner for different types of nuts manufactured in Turkey, in order to reach mutual benefit from collaboration and increase goods turnover between these countries.
The priority interest lies in the following nuts: almond, cashew, hazelnut, walnut – and dried apricots.
The potential volume of purchase strictly depends on the quality of products, manufacture standards, price level and delivery terms.
Please note that our current demand for raw almond amount to 6000 tons, walnut up to 6000 tons, hazelnut up to 5300 tons minimum.
Dried apricots purchasing volume is up to 8000 tons.
We truly hope that Your assistance will enable us to develop successful and efficient cooperation