Kırmızı mercimek

Sosyal Paylaşım:

Aylık 1000 ton kırmızı mercimek almak istiyoruz
We are looking for red split lentils 1000mt monthly
Kanadalı bir firma İskenderiye teslim olmak üzere aylık 1000 ton kırmızı mercimek almak istediklerini beyanla fiyat teklifli almak istiyor.
We are located in Canada.
I’m looking for:
Red split lentils
Grade 1
Origin: Turkey
Size: 3-7 mm
QTY: 1000mt monthly, (250mt weekly)
170mt: 1 kg bag
80mt: 500gr bag
Final destination: Alexandria, Cairo
Size:3-6 mm
Moisture: 14%max
Admixture: 0.5%max
Imperfect: 3%max
Can I get FOB and CIF price please?
As soon as we receive the information and the price, we will take the plane to meet you and we will buy the goods.