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Bosna Hersekli bir firma thermoforming makineleri satın almak istediklerini, aynı zamanda gelecekte de farklı makine tiplerine ihtiyaçları olabileceğinden bahisle ilginenen tedarikçi Türk firmalardan geniş projeksiyonlu fiyat teklifleri talep etmektedir.
Dear Madam or Sir,
I am using this opportunity to send my greetings to you.
Due to expand of our production capacities, we are very interested in purchasing a thermoforming machine from your company, with specific characteristics.
We need a whole construction of machine which includes foil rollers, heating plates, mold station of exactly 500mm x 500mm, cutting station and conveyer.
Further, we are willing to know whether you can provide machines without electronics included?
Please, can you send us specification and quotation according to above characteristics?
Also, I would like to highlight the fact that if price and quality of your machine would be suitable for our company, we are not excluding the possibility of ordering more similar machines in the future as well as machines for different kind of operations.
We are looking forward to establishing a fruitful cooperation with you.