Sosyal Paylaşım:


Katarlı toptancı, ev temizliği ve hijyeninde kullanılan her türlü deterjan, temizleyici kimyasallar ve hijyen amaçlı kimyasallar konusunda Türk tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Dear Sirs,
We are interested in good quality and competitively priced household items specifically for the kitchen, floors and toilet area in a home.
The items don’t need to be branded, could be generic, but again ‘quality & price’ will dictate his interest to purchase.
The lines can be promotional packaging, as an example 5 or 6 bundled together, instead of individually packed items.
Also bulk packing/professional – catering size packs, similar to those supplied to hotels, banks, etc..
It will be preferred if the labeling shows ‘Green, Eco friendly’ etc.
Here is a brief list of lines that are of interest..If you have anything else that falls within the household
(kitchen & toilet, floor cleaning liquids) lines please put it forward to me.
– Cloths washing powder in 25Kg box for washing machines (front & top loaders). Fragranced & plain.
– Cloths washing ‘liquid’ for colored clothing. They use this for abayas over here. Similar to Salva Khamees. (fragranced & plain). Packing from 4ltr.
– Clothes washing conditioner(fragranced and plain). Packing from 4ltr.
– Glass, wood and metal surface cleaning sprays and liquids, also for kitchen surfaces. Again promotional packs are of interest or catering sizes.
– Cookers, ovens and microwave cleaning foams, liquids, to clean surfaces.
– Bleach.  2Ltr or larger.
– Hand hygiene liquid soap in dispensers. Different sizes if available.
– Floor disinfectants and cleaning detergents in 4ltrs and larger
Thank you.
Kindest regards