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Cape Verde Adaları’nda gıda ürünleri toptan ve perakende ticaretini yapan firma ürün portföylerini genişletmek amacıyla Türkiye’den gıda ürünleri, ev aletleri ve gereçleri, temizlik malzemeleri, deterjanlar ve sabunlar, yapı malzemeleri ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek tedarikçilerin kendileriyle irtibata geçmelerini rica etmiştir.
Dear Sir
We are ***** Produtos, Lda.
Our company is located in Cape Verde (about 400 miles off the western coast of Africa) and we have been operating as a distributor/retailer for nearly 20 years.
Our main focus are cereals, frozen meat and chilled dairy products and we import from countries such as Brazil, Netherlands and Portugal.
We are also looking into other countries from Latin America, Asia and Europe. As of now, we are one of the biggest distributors of rice, frozen meat and dairy products and we are looking into expanding our operations.
For international operations, we operate with the following banks in Cape Verde:
Banco Interatlântico, SA – Grupo Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Ecobank Cape Verde
We are in the phase of expansion of our business and we want to diversify our source of supply, and we find the Turkish market very interesting and with potentialities.
We therefore want to find reliable and solid partners so that we can develop business.
For this reason, your contacts create a lot of expectations and we hope to count on your collaboration.
Therefore we would like to obtain all the information and the conditions of order, (packaging, transport) procedures, that allow us to know your market better.
At the moment, we are in the process of expiration of our store and we are interested, find partners in the African continent to develop business activities.
For this reason we would like to Develop commercial relations with suppliers Tucos, in the most different sector, such as food, civil construction, computer equipment, household appliances, Toiletries, Cleaning Products, Detergents, Housewares etc., etc.