Hasta bezi çeşitleri almak istiyor

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Hasta bezi çeşitleri almak istiyoruz
We want to import  absorbent diapers and aleze from Turkey
Romanya’da medikal ürünler konusunda faaliyetleri olan bir firma Türkiye’den hasta bezi ve sıvı geçirmez alez ürünleri ile hijyenik paramedikal ürünler almak istediğini beyan etmiştir
Hello, my name is Emil and I am the Executive Director and consultant  of  the Development Department for pro bono activities.
The purpose of the Teleasistenta service is to dispatch the Home Care Services.
We also intend to become the main distributor of the  products needed for these kind of sevices.
These products will be sold to all of the homecare providers in Romania.
These prices will be competitive in the free market.
There are two  absorbent diapers and aleze providers in the Romanian market.
Products meet the quality and comfort  standards according to assessments made by nurses in home care field and are greatly appreciated.
We want to import  absorbent diapers and aleze from Turkey. We will first focus on the elders, but later on we will turn our attention to children.
Another focus is hygiene items for paramedical assets (sponge with detergent pH 5.5) and cements treatment for wounds, bedsores, etc.
Could you  give us advice for choosing the best diapers and absorbent boring that have at least the same level of quality, comfort and similar prices? 
Also, please let us know how much we owe you for your help.