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Avustralya’dan irtibata geçen bir müşteri iç giyim imalatında kullanılmak üzere bambu ve modal kumaş çeşitleri satın almak istediğini, tedarikçilerden teklifler talep ettiğini belirtmektedir.
I am looking to start a business in underwear/under garment products, both male and female.
this current stage, I am sourcing various materials to test.
I will produce the prototype for the garments here in Sydney and test the design/material over the period of a few months.
Once I select a material I would like to get the underwear manufactured overseas.
I am primarily looking to test modal, lyocell and bamboo fabrics with an average of around 5% elastine.
I am looking for materials similar to Lenzing Modal and MicroModal, with the main priority being comfort on the skin.
As for the GSM, I am not sure yet however it will be in the range of 180-220.
I was wondering what type of materials you supply or can provide?
If possible, would it be possible to get a sample of materials matching my above description?
I am more than happy to pay for the samples.
Once I ave decided on a material we can begin to discuss manufacture/production.