Sosyal Paylaşım:


Irak’ta yerleşik, güçlü bir tüketim ürünleri toptancısı, deterjan çeşitleri konusunda düzenli olarak çalışabileceği Türk tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Detergents all kinds agency request from Iraq
To Whom It May Concern :
My name is *****. I am writing from *****   Companies for general distributions.
We have experience of more than 20 years of working as distribution company in Iraq.
We are now considered to be one of the biggest group companies for distribution of foods& beverage and healthcare products in Iraq.
Here are some of our international foods and beverage products that we franchise and distribute for all of Iraq :
1- Ahmed Tea – from London
2- Maccoffee – from Malaysia
3- Evolac and Nuralaca ( Al- Marai ) – From Saudi Arabia
4- Ahmad Rice – from India
Also, we also work in health care industry and are the only distributors of the following brands for all Iraq : 
1- Ontex – From Turkey ( Canbebe & Canped )
2- Phonak – From Switzerland
3- Kamill – From Germany
4- Glysolid – From Germany
As *****   Companies, we also work in oil industry , constructions , and electronics.
Based on our detailed research about the current market situation in Iraq, we would like to take advantage of any opportunity to franchise a chemical Turkish brand for all Iraq.
Therefore, I kindly ask you to let us know if your company has any distributors in Iraq or offer any chances for foreign companies to create their own private label products.
I look forward to working with you
Yours faithfully,