Dairy products plant set up request – Egypt

Sosyal Paylaşım:

mısır- süt ürünleri

Mısırlı müşteri 10.000 lt/saat kapasiteli süt, yoğurt ve peynir üretim tesisi anahtar teslim kurulum talep ediyor.
full automatic dairy plant capacity (5000-10000 L/day)  to produce the following  product (each product will be produce in  separated day)
1-     Pasteurized milk
2-     Yoghurt
3-     mozzarella Cheese ,
4-     feta cheese
5-     cooked cheese
Kindly note we need quotation for following:
1-      milk reception  5000 L/h with all component (aeration ,filters, flow meters, pumps ,valves and all necessary equipment)
2-     4 tanks for storage milk capacity 5000  L three layer (cooling coil and isolation) 
tank dimension- inner diameter 140 cm a- inner height 325 cm
3-      bacteria clarifier 2000 l/h
4-     Powder Mixing unit(tow tank 5000L with powder blender) with PHE(please check flow chart)
tank dimension  inner diameter 140 cm and inner height 325 cm
with all component (pumps ,valves and all necessary equipment)
5-     milk pasteurizer unite (PHE , homogenizer , dearator ,separator) capacity (2ton / h),
–  Pasteurized milk for filling direct (in 8:12 C    out 4C    psa 90C)
– yoghurt (in 8:12 C    out 4C    psa 90C
– for cheese (in 8:12 C    out 4C    psa 45C)
– separation for Buffalo milk 7.8 fat to skim
– all component and control (pumps ,valves and all necessary equipment)
6-     Pasteurized milk tank 5000 l  dimension- inner diameter 140 cm – inner height 325 cm
7-     full automatic milk filling machine With bottle sterilization system volume bottle 1 litter, capacity 1500 bottle /h
8-     tow set yoghurt 5000L tank with PHE (please check flow chart)
9-     production line for mozzarella cheese with a capacity 5000 litter milk per for dry mozzarella for pizza
–         cheese process tank 5000 L
–         stretching machine
–         modeling machine
–         cutting machine
all component that need at process (pumps ,valves and all necessary equipment)
10-  Cooking tanks capacity 200 L for cooked cheese with all necessary component
11-  Process tank capacity 1000 L for fiat cheese  (tank double jet and isolate the tank can working to  cooling by cold water and normal water ,heating by hot water or steam, )
12-  CIP unit full Automatic with three tanks (each tank 1000L) single lines. The Unit is made of: No. 1 caustic tank, No. 1 acid tank, No. 1 Water tank.