Commercial Kitchen Equipments requested to import in Bangladesh

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Bangladeş’te yerleşik bir yapı malzemeleri satıcısı tüccar bir firma ülkelerinde canlanmakta olan otelcilik sektörüne yönelik hazırlıklar yaptıklarından bahisle her çeşit endüstriyel mutfak ekipmanlarına ihtiyaç duyduklarını ve tedarikçi Türk firmalar aradıklarını belirtmiştir.
Commercial Kitchen Equipments requested to import in Bangladesh
Dear Concern,
This is Mohammad from **** Trading Company LTD.
We are well known and established Organization in Bangladesh.
We have five showrooms in our country.
We are working with renowned brand with **** (Bathroom Fittings and Accessories) also nanogress tiles.
Our management have decided to start business in hospitality sector.
In our country some organization are doing this business but they don’t have any showroom.
So, we have decided will start with showroom with large scale.
So, we have to buy huge volume for ready stock as well as sell.
In our country in hospitality sector are booming now.
A lots of international chain hotel and restaurant are coming, also garments sector they are also making mega kitchen.
Now we want some our business partner who will give us full support.
We have some inquiries please let us know,
  1. a) How long production will take time after getting the purchase order?
  2. b) What about the technical support after sale?
  3. c) Can we send our technical team for training?
  4. d) What about the mode of payment?
If you are interested then we will go for next step. We will go very soon with big purchase order.