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İsrail’de mukim iş makineleri ve ağır hizmet araçları satıcısı bir firma 200 ad kargo taşımacılık kamyonu ihalesine katılacaklarından bahisle verilen teknik özeliklere uygun şaşi teklifi alabilecekleri Türk üreticiler aradıklarını beyan etmiştir.
Cargo trucks body parts required in Israel
Dear Sir/Madam.
**** is the local dealer of Navistar in Israel.
**** intends to participate in a big tender for 200 Cargo trucks and currently we are looking for a strategic partner that will produce the Closed cargo beds for the Navistar trucks of the tender.
I will appreciate your advice, first if you are interesting to cooperate with us and secondly if you can provide us a rough and very preliminary budget estimation for such Cargo body.
Below please find the General Requirements of the cargo body:
• Designed for transportation of general equipment – up to 3.5 tons.
• Internal length – 4.5 meters.
• Width 2.30 – 2.55 meters.
• Inner height – 2 meters
• The walls and ceiling of the body will be made of plywood fiberglass coated with a minimum thickness of 17 mm.
• The walls will be strengthened and will be required to withstand a load of equipment up to 1 ton.
• Rigid ceiling made of foam panel of 65 mm thickness, protection against rain water penetration, at an internal height of 2 m.
• The rear wall will open to two wing doors, the rear doors will be made as the side walls.
• The body will be equipped with a Rear Hydraulic platform.
Best regards,