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İngiltere’de organik ürünler satmakta olan müşteri, toz çamaşır deterjan ürünleri için karton kutu ambalaja ihtiyacı olduğunu belirterek fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
I am contacting you as I would like to know if you will be able to create packaging for my upcoming product.
I am looking for cardboard boxes which will be ale to hold washing powder.
Small     1             Packaging box  
H=236mm           Grey Cardboard with A3strength corrugated paper.
3mm cardboard thickness           4C           Glossy Lamination          3.185KG
Large     2             Packaging Box  
H=406mm           Grey Cardboard with K3strength corrugated paper.
3mm cardboard thickness           4C           Glossy Lamination          6KG
A Plastic handle is desirable attached with a rivet on the side of the box.
The handle will only be required for the larger box.
A cut strip is also desirable.
I will need 2 different sized box sizes, one small and one large size.
Small with the dimensions of..
To hold the wight of 3.185kg
Large with the dimensions of..
To Hold the weight of 6kg
I would also like to have printing on the box with the company logo and product information.
I currently have an idea of what will be printed on the box which i have attached in this email.
I would also like the box finishing to have a glossy finish, maybe a thin layer of laminate.
If possible please can I get a reply with a quote on how much each box will cost that would be great.
I am planning on buying 10,000 of each.
Final art work will be provided once a certain decision has been made.
I would like to know if you can create this packaging for me.
If so could i get a quote on the price per box and shipping/delivery cost.