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Avustralya’da pek çok mağaza ve firmaya ürün tedariği yapmakta olan bir firma Türkiye’den mum çeşitleri ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek katalog ve fiyat talep etmektedir.
Candles for purchase in Australia
We are sourcing on behalf of a major Distributor supplying to a database of 5,000 chemists, supermarkets, newsagencies and retail shops across Australia.
For immediate purchase we are interested in candles of all kinds, scented, in packages and any other interesting items.
We will purchase a small amount first testing the market before placing larger orders.
We are requiring the absolute BEST QUALITY.
One of our clients has the capacity to sell 23,000 items in 3 DAYS!
For this to occur, it must be the correct product at the correct price.
kind regards in advance