Bungalows to import to Mauritius

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morityus-prefabrik ev

Morityus firması bir proje için 32 adet 310m2 bungalov prefabrik ev satın alacak.
Bungalows to import to Mauritius
I’ve your contact through internet and I’m a company that design, supply of prefabricated Houses, Bungalows and warehouses in Mauritius and Madagascar.
All my importation is from China and I heard from my partner that live in Canada that your country produced also these products and prices quality are affordable also.
I would be grateful if you can send me your catalogs and I would like to work with your company for a new project of the Ministry of Agriculture that I just got yesterday from Madagascar. we work on project only.
In Mauritius we have a project of 32 bungalows of around 310m2 per bungalow.
In Madagascar I’ve just get a project from the Ministry of Agriculture.
If you’re interested please let me know.