Bangladeş firması kalorifer kazanları ithal edecek

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Bangladeş’te ısıtma soğutma iklimlendirme sektöründe faaliyetleri bulunan bir firma Türkiye’den iyi kalitede kalorifer kazanları ithal etmek istediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Good quality Boilers – Bangladeş
We want to do marketing of Good quality Boiler Manufacturer
*** Engineering working as a best solution provider for Cooling & Heating business in Bangladesh since 2002. It is providing services after sales of Vapour Absorption Chillers (VAC) & Boiler. It is also do business on spare parts for VAC & Steam line, Online Water Treatment Chemicals, Low & Medium Voltage Items. Now, looking for business on Exhaust Gas Fired Boiler (EGB) and focused to increase energy efficiency in industrial sector by ENERGY AUDITING with CEA.