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Amerika ve Avrupa bölgesinde kurumsal çözümler üzerine hizmet veren, çocuklar ve bebekler için özel sipariş havlu ve bornoz çeşitleri ürettirmek istediklerini belirten Amerika merkezli firma Türk tedarikçilerden numune ve fiyat talep etmektedir.
My name is Anna. I represent ***** Products — product development and
distribution company with primary operations in the United States and EU.
We are planning to expand our line of products for children, looking to source quality
baby towels with hood.
Being large-scale sellers on Amazon we see a lot of potential in this product line, and
we know how to make it a Best Seller on Amazon.
1) Could you please send me your full product catalog for these and similar products
on my e-mail?
Please include variations pricing for different fabrics: 100% Cotton (both colored and
dye free) as well as mixtures of Bamboo 30% and Cotton 70%, 400–500 GSM, loop
length 5–7 mm.
We are interested in placing an order after we review and test the product samples.
2) What would be the cost of samples (if you charge for them) including the shipping
cost to our warehouse in Istanbul?
3) Please let us know if you take payments through PayPal and how long will it take
to receive the samples.
Also, please, send me the per unit price list for these products based on quantity
ordered (both under EXW and FOB __Closest_PORT__ options). Please include a
calculation for 1000, 3000, and 5000 units.
As a company, we like to work with suppliers that we can build a long-term
cooperation with and who are willing to support us with excellent service, consistent
quality, and aggressive pricing, particularly in the higher volume tiers.
Please consider quoting us lower than you usually would, based on the high potential
our company can offer for long term sustainable growth. We are currently in contact
with a large number of suppliers for this product, and your early support on
aggressive pricing would certainly help us to move forward with you.
Please take into account that the first purchase will be used for testing of the product
line. If it is successful and our clients like the product, the next order will be much
Thank you for your prompt response, looking forward to doing business with you.