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We need price quotation for aluminum copper conductors
Libya’dan mukim bir elektrik malzemeleri, aydınlatma ürünleri toptancısı firma toplamda 20.000 m miktarda alüminyum bakır alaşımlı iletken teller ithal etmek istemektedir.
XXXXX Libyan Company Founded in 2009 in Misrata City, in Libya. Our main job is to import or supply electric spare parts, lighting products   and electric accessories to GELOC and other Libyan companies
Below our inquiry regarding the aluminum copper conductors
Low voltage A/C size 3.5*95 qty 10000 m.
Low voltage A/C size 3.5*240 qty 5000 m.
Low voltage A/C size 3.5*150 qty 5000 m.
Low voltage copper   conductor size 1.5*10 qty 5000 m.
The aluminum conductor, cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) non-armored and PVC over-sheathed four-core underground cables for rated voltage 0.6/1 kV. All cables supplied shall follow the listed standards: IEC 60121, IEC 60287, IEC 60332-3-24, IEC 60364, IEC 60502-1, IEC 60949, BS 5467: 600/1000v
Can you send us quotation for THE ABOVE items shipped to Tripoli or Misurata/Libya, Showing the price per unit & delivery time & total cost &Warranty & product name & Country of origin & way of payment?