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İranlı firma tarım makinelerini 8 yıldan beri Çin ve Hindistan’dan temin ettiklerini ama portföylerini Türk firmalara kaydırmayı planladıklarından bahisle hem tarım makinesi hem yedek parçaların tedariği konusunda Türk firmalardan teklifler beklediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Dear Sir/Madam:
I would like to inform you that our company has been importing agricultural equipment from India and China to Iran during last eight years.
Meanwhile, at the moment we are interested to open up a new field form Turkey and according to our database and  correspondences with Turkish embassy in Tehran,,
they sent us a list of famous manufacturers and we are hopeful to do and start a mutual and beneficial business relationship with you.
Noteworthy our rage of products that we are importing is large and also depends on the harvesting time but to start a deal,
would you please consider the below items and inform us your bottom and competitive prices
and kindly notice to this matter that the given prices
and the quality it would be our hands to take the market to sale your products more and more.
harrow disc 18 inch simple 4000 pcs (photo attached)
harrow disc 18 notch 1500 pcs (photo attached)
plowshare (alloy steel) 20000 pcs ( the photo is attached)
mover blade  20000 pcs
different kind of blades . (i also attached a list)