3000 liter waste bins for surface mounting

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İsrail’li bir şirket 3000lt hacimli çöp konteynerleri satın almak istemektedir
3000 liter waste bins for surface mounting
Urgently needed for one of the leading waste collection companies in the Israeli market
Today in Israeli market they are mainly using the 240 and 360 and 1100 liter waste collection bins, but also the
underground units like MOLOk are very popular. Due to the heavy investment in the MOLOK type units, the market is today looking for 3000 liter units which can  be mounted on the ground and the emptying is carried out by lifting the units up by a crane which is mounted on the emptying truck . Once the bin is on top of the truck, the bottom of the bin is opened and the waste is dropping to the truck.
We are now looking for this types of bins and want to do this rapidly as we want to be the market leaders with this product.
Looking forward to receiving your soonest response.