Berets buy inquiry from Slovakia

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Slovakyalı bir firma 4 yıllık periyotta toplam 19.000 ad askeri bere satın almak istediğini belirterek bununla ilgili güçlü tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Berets buy inquiry from Slovakia
Would you be so kind and write me any big factory in Turkey, it will be able to make large amounts of berets for us?
I am talking about 19 000 berets in 4 year period.
We are looking for factory, what will be able to supply us with army berets for Slovak Republic.
We have full technical requirements of these berets and Slovak Republic is NATO member and Turkey is also, so I think, it will be not a problem for such a company to meet our requirements.
Wer are participating on public procurement, sir