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Patates sezonuna yetişmek amacıyla acilen traktör jantları almak istiyoruz
We are looking for tractor wheels urgently
Malta’dan yazan tarım sektörüne yönelik çalışan bir ithalatçı çok acil 28”x7” ve 28”x8” traktör jantlarına ihtiyaçları olduğu, patates ekim sezonu yaklaştığı için mümkün olan en kısa sürede tedarikçilerle görüşerek bahse konu jantları acilen almak istediklerini, milli ihracat portali üzerinden yayınlamıştır
Dear Sir,
We are an Import / Sales company dealing mostly in the agricultural sector.
We have clients looking for row crop wheels to be used for potato machinery- these being planting, spraying and digging.
As we need to use these wheels on Japanese imported tractors that are not of a normal European sizes, we kindly ask you if you would be in a position to supply us with the following rims that we need for Row crop.
The rims should be made of only the tire placement part (the round part) without any lugs to mount the center disc and preferably not painted as we will need to make use of our center disc and so we have to weld the lugs locally due to various models of tractors, and various widths requirements we have to adapt on each Tractor.
The rim sizes we are looking for are to be used for tractors that will have total weight of Tractor + Implement of approximately 1500 – 1750 kg max. on both rear wheels and maximum tractor speed of 16 Km/h.
The sizes we are looking for should be of the following dimensions :
28 ” rim height X 7″ width ( for tire 8.3 x 28 )
28″ rim height X 8 ” width ( for tire 9.5 x 28 )
Kindly let me know if you are able to supply us with our requirements, always on the understanding that you are not already represented in Malta by a sole distributor.
Please take this message as urgent as we need to order the rims very urgently due that we will need the rims in about 2/3 weeks for potato digging. 
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