Özel tasarım iş elbiseleri fason ürettirmek istiyor

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Özel tasarım giysiler fason ürettirmek istiyor
I am looking forward for some new company which producing my clothes. 
Avusturyalı tekstil firması, kendine özgü iş elbiseleri tasarımlarını fason olarak ürettirebileceği tedarikçiler aramakta olup detaylı bilgiyi yayınladıkları mesajda beyan etmişlerdir.

Dear entrepreneurs,

I am a fashion designer for Austrian Companies.

First of all let me introduce my self:

I worked since 10 years in fashion (Hugo Boss, Desigual, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.), since 2014 I have built my own fashion label called “XXXXXXX”.

My company philosophy is … to the smallest detail!

I’m specialized in fashionable clothes for companies in Austria.

Every company/customers have some other “Cooperate Identity”, “Colors”, “Profession”, “Work” and “Wishes”. So every company/customers, get his own design.

The important step is, my design to manufacture, for the different companies/customers. The quantities are for every company/customers different, but that should not be the important.

Among my customers:

Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Business schools, Car workshops, Painters, Plumbers, Play schools, Hospitals, Pharmacies/Drugstores and many more.

This is a small example for you to see which areas are to work for.

What I need:

I am looking forward for some new company which producing my clothes.

Important is the quality not the quantity. Quantities over 100 pcs. per garment, Is not what I searching for.

For example my 2 latest customers:

1 Customers Plumber (8 employees) needs,

24 T-shirts (my design), 16 Polos (my design), 16 Trousers (my design), 16 Jackets (my design), 50 Polos (promotion design), 15 Shirts (promotion design)

2 Customers Hotel/Spa (180 employees) needs,

more than 300 pcs. Garments for the different areas like Pool attendant, Restaurant Men and Women, Cleaning ladies, Reception, Bathrobe etc.

You see the different customers request.

Let me know about your company, do you producing that different quantities, let me know how much employees your company have, about your workflow, about your samples etc. .

Send me some trails/samples about your garments, picture and so on, to make my selection easier.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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