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We need an urgent quotation for a mobile crane

Romanya’dan iletişime geçen bir müşteri teknik özellikleri verilen mobil vinç için ihalenin Şubat2014’te yapılacağından dolayı acilen teknik teklife ihtiyaçları olduğunu milli ihracat portali aracılığıyla Türk firmalarına ilan etmiştir.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find below our technical specification for a mobile crane. (it’s copy-paste from a word document).

We need an urgent quotation to meet those specifications for an auction in February.


Technical specification



a) the type of products and services that they wish to be purchased:  mobile crane

b) code C. P. V. : 42414400-5

c) quantity = 1 piece .



Shall be used for the handling of goods and goods in the mineral-extracting industries of gas,

as well as in the various actions of the intervention to operative gas sensors.



1.             Overall dimensions, earth in position of mars (arm gathered and path retracted)

– length : max 12 000 mm

– width : Max 2,550 mm

– height: max 4000 mm

– Unloaded weight : maximum 30,000 kg (completely assembled, in position of  mars,      without additional arm)

Note: framing in these parameters is an eliminatory condition

2.            Superstructure:

2.1. Type of construction:

– telescopic arm of multiple segments, with the possibility of withdrawal in  transport position without the need for total Telescope.

– A cylinder hydraulic lift

– extension with protection net of at least 6 m

– hook muffle furnace of at least 20 TB with at least 3 rolls.

Description plumbing:

– hydraulic pumps with pistons and variable flow or hydraulic pumps with gears, equipped with safety valves and system of permanent control of the air flow.

– Hydraulic oil cooler

– filtration system and purification

Winch hydraulic oil load:

– cable minimum duty ø14 mm, with safety device.

Diesel engine to operate auxiliary hydraulic system:

– 100 – 125 HP, connected to auto chassis by a frame (chassis) intermediary in such a way as to enable continuous rotation of the operation of the facility to 360 degrees. Auxiliary Engine will have the supply of an additional fuel tank of at least 100 liters;

Safety items:

– load limiters, the moment of removal, the Telescope arm rotation

– safety valves against accidental rupture of pipes or hoses.


Cab for superstructure and shall have the following features:

Constructed entirely of steel, galvanized and resistance to corrosion, painted, equipped with:

– safety windscreen around the room or exit for emergencies;

– protection against sunlight for rear window and windscreen;

– slide door which saves space or the door exterior handle with total 180 °;

– scales access comfortable;

– operator’s seat with multi-functional device adjustment, headrest and lumbar support;

– wiper with a single arm for windscreen;

– heating; tool for de-icing/ventilation; air conditioned

– devices control and verification standard, arranged in ergonomics;

– control panel and tools that integrate and the monitor on-board computer;

– Possibility to set configuration data from the control panel by the operator

– fault finding system for monitoring main operating parameters of the plant lift –

graphical symbols in the display will show the following minimum information:

  • maximum load
  • telescopic arm length
  • telescopic arm position
  • initialization errors, operating and system errors
  • stroke limiter hook

2.2 Performance:

full load                                                                                                             min 35 TB

maximum lift height of the hitch

– with telescopic arm (without extension)                         for at least 30 m

– with telescopic arm and extension with protection net, of minimum load at 36 m

radius of 5 m from the axis of rotation                                                                at least 20.5 TB

task to radius of 10 m from the axis of rotation                                               at least 8.5 TB

task to radius of 14 m from the axis of rotation                                               at least 5 TB



3.            AUTOSASIU

Engine type:

– diesel;

– intake air flow: Turbo fed , Intercooler ;

– type of cooling: water recirculated forced, engine cooling system to be thermostated;

– engine power: min. 340 HP;

– cubic capacity: 10,000 – 11,500 CMC

– high air manifold

– exhaust – high

– cruise control – automatic pilot

– equipped with the fuel heater; system start-up low temperatures

– fuel tank of at least 300 liters; AdBlue tank at least 30 liters

– gaseous emissions to meet EU norms : EURO 5

Wheel-axle unit:

– composed of 4-axis, traction 8×4:

– two axs simple guidelines – type suspension leaf spring ;

– a dual axis (tandem) tractors with dual tires , The distance between the shafts tandem to be greater than or equal to 1.3 m but less than 1.8 m provided with suspension leaf spring

– anti-roll bar to all axs

– differential lock axis tractors – disc brakes front/rear – manual gearbox, minimum 16+2 steps

– retarder


– size: medium

– min. number of places : 2

– metal front bumper

– driver’s seat with adjustable air suspension seat belt and integrated

– digital tachograph

– left-hand drive the height-adjustable

– upholstery synthetic material

– Electric windows

– electrically adjustable rearview mirrors and heated

– heating system – bleeding with dust filter and pollen; capability to the nozzles air routing windscreen demisting, Central nozzles, nozzles and nozzles side at his feet; air recirculation function inside

– air conditioning

– beacon

– sunroof

– central locking

– radio/CD with 4 speakers

– on-board computer

Safety equipment:

– electronic braking system; ABS

– exhaust brake control – automatic

– adjustable seat belts with pre-tensioned force limiter for all places

– headrests for all places height adjustable

Other functional features:

– main switch batteries

– tooling kit and keys

– wheel chock; jack 12TB.

– Warning triangle, medical kit, fire extinguisher, flashlight – tire pressure hose 20m with a pressure gauge

– emergency spare wheel


Mobile crane must operate in difficult operating conditions, on roads of category II and III, which is characterized by the following standard values of environment:

• Temperature: -30oC÷+40 oC;

• Altitude: max 1000 m;

• relative humidity: 80% at 20oC.


The warranty term guarantees granted : minimum 24 months from the date of delivery to beneficiary, on the basis of report of reception and of the certificate of guarantee, without lower bound km or hours of operation.

The security shall be granted for autocrane in full, regardless of the security components, sub-assemblies.

During the warranty period the recipient undertakes to carry out revisions to technical autocrane purchased at both auto chassis  and superstructure in accordance with the program of service submitted by the tenderer in the context of the procedure of acquisition.

Technical revisions carried out during the warranty period, in accordance with the program of technical service submitted by the tenderer for both auto chassis and superstructure will be executed in Romania, in service units approved by the manufacturer.

The intervention Period under warranty: maximum of 48 hours from the date request.

In a situation in which the maintenance operations, including revisions technical, may not be carried out in Romania, any expenditure on the movement  to another unit service abroad will be borne by the seller (during the warranty period).

During the warranty period, the findings, book repair and replacement parts faults is free, and the warranty period shall be extended by the period of downtime due malfunctions.


Reception of products under contract will be carried out in two stages, as follows:

a) preliminary reception (pre-reception) at the manufacturer’s premises:

The seller will draw up plans and test procedures to prove that the conditions of the tender. Plans and testing procedures will be presented buyer with at least 10 days before the date of the start of the tests. Pre-reception automacaralei prototype and of the equipment on equipment shall be carried out at the manufacturer’s premises, by a joint committee composed of representatives of contracting Slatina (minimum 3 persons ), expenditure on this activity is to be borne in full by the seller. At the end of the trials, the buyer will sign a document that should include the results of the tests. The prereceptie (pre-reception or qualitative) of the product will be confirmed, by making “the minutes of the pre-reception”, which shall be concluded for automacaralei prototype.

b) final acceptance to the buyer

Quantitative and qualitative reception will be carried out at the premises of purchaser’s. Reception results must be recorded in the minutes final, signed by both parties.


Automacaraua will be delivered on-site purchasers together with:

– Notice of accompanying;

– fiscal invoice;

– EC declaration of conformity

– Documentation for authorization ISCIR

– operating Manual in the Romanian language to include specifications on operation, maintenance and periodic check, prohibitions / limitations of use, setting the instrument appliances

– Manual of spare parts for the superstructure – codes with an indication of the spare parts

– warranty card

– Manual for the codes of error in the on-board computer

– electrical and hydraulic schematics for superstructure

– identity card issued by slowly and provisional numbers of circulation be valid for 30 days of the date of receipt

– the supplier will deliver each automacara with at least 50 liters of diesel fuel and the Auto and tank 15 liters diesel in the tank for the purposes of carrying out window samples and training staff.

– The supplier will ensure training of staff on private premises




– Automacaraua offered must be new.

– The supplier you will need to ensure the security of good operation, quality and performances of the product, in accordance with the standards and conditions laid down by the manufacturer ,European norms and legislation in force.

– Maximum term of delivery 270 days after the date of conclusion of the contract (to tender tenderers shall integrate time limit for delivery).

Once the submission of a tender technical and fianciare tenderers shall submit essential and the following documents:

-load chart

– certificates of conformity by the manufacturer for the products tendered

– list of the establishments authorized service SLOWLY and approved by the manufacturer for the purposes of carrying out technical service under warranty to mobile crane chassis equaling, once with the list will be presented in copy agree documents (collaboration) from the producer and the authorisations SLOWLY for units relevant service contracts concluded by the tenderer with these units service.

– The list of establishments authorized service ISCIR (for carrying out repairs on mobile crane with the load of the tendered) and authorized by the manufacturer in order to ensure that service to the superstructure for the duration of the warranty period and post- warranty concerned contracts concluded by the tenderer with these units service, once with the list will show the following:

– copy of the documents for the approval of establishments service by the manufacturer – copy in accordance with the original on the authorization of the units ISCIR service

– copy of the contracts concluded by the supplier with these units service

The tenderer shall submit essential ,tender for expenditure on service during the warranty period (for a maximum distance of 100,000 km of mobile crane and 4,000 hours for superstructure) as follows:

– the regularity revisions to be carried out during the warranty period for both chassis as well as for the installation of lift

– the costs associated with each service (labor and consumables required, in euro) and specifying mandatory operations to be carried out in materials used in each service


Offer with revisions during the warranty period will be accompanied by all documents from the producer to the effect that revisions and frequency mandatory operations referred to in the tender shall be those recommended by the manufacturer. (plan for service during the warranty period affected by the manufacturer).

The conclusion of the contract for the supply of the crane will BE simultaneously subject to the conclusion of the contract of service during the warranty period.


Offer the most economically advantageous in respect of:

– the criteria mentioned below:

1) bid price with a weight of 90% and the maximum of 90 p.

Description: The score for assessment factor “offer price”, shall be granted as follows:

a) for the lowest price quoted shall be granted maximum points allocated to that assessment factor; and

b) of the prices tendered larger than that referred to in point (a) the score shall be granted as follows: P(n) = (minimum price/price(n)) x the score given

2) Period of delivery with a weight of 6% and the maximum of 6 p.

Description: For a time limit for the supply of up to 130 days including shall be granted high score -6 points. For a period of delivery between 131 days but up to 180 days including shall be granted -2 points. For a period of delivery between 181 days but up to 270 days including -0 points shall be granted

for a period of delivery greater than 270 days the offer to be declared not correct.

3) The Warranty Period with a weight of 2% and the maximum of 2 p.

Description: The score for assessment factor “the warranty period”, shall be granted as follows: for a period of guarantee equal to or greater than 3 years shall be granted maximum points, i.e. 2 points.

For a period of guarantee of between 2 years and 3 years shall be granted 1 point.

For a period of warranty less than 2 years the offer will be declared not correct.

4) Expenditure on maintenance with a weight of 2% and the maximum of 2 p.

Description: The score for assessment factor “expenditure on maintenance”, shall be granted as follows: score for expenditure on service under warranty for the interval 0 -100.000km travelled (autosasiu) and 0 – 4000 hours of operation (crane). a) for the lowest maintenance costs tendered shall be granted maximum points allocated to that assessment factor (2 points); (b) for expenditure higher than that referred to in (a), the score shall be granted as follows:

Pn= (expenditure/minimum expenditure n) x the score awarded.


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