Medikal gazlı bez almak istiyor

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Medikal gazlı bez, plaster bant vb almak istiyoruz
We are looking for gauze rolls
Sırbitanlı büyük bir medikal ürünler ithalatçısı firma gazlı bez, plaster bant, kumaş vb sarf malzemeler ithal etmek istediklerini vurgulayarak bu konuda teklif alabilecekleri firmalar aramaktadırlar.
XXXXXX Ltd is a large Pharmaceutical Wholesale company in Serbia.
For the moment we are looking for :
GAUZE ROLL 100 cm x 80 cm / 17 threads and 20 Could you be so kind and send to information – prices EXW Total annual demand of Serbian market would be:
– gauze roll 17 threads: 100,000 pcs  4 lays
– gauze roll 20 threads: 40,000 pcs  4 lays
– Adhesive Surgical tape (plasters)
– Fabric – Silk – Paper  
– First aid plaster
Documents for registration : ,
1. Declaration of Conformity – original document, on your company memo, signed and stamped
2. CE Certificate (in form of notarized copy) – for all products except medical devices class I
3. ISO 13485 Certificate (in form of notarized copy)
4. Free Sale Certificate (original or notarized copy) issued by competent authority
5. Product Liability Insurance Policy (in form of notarized copy) – if it covers also territory of Serbia
6. Distribution Agreement
7. Authorization letter – original document, on your company memo, signed and stamped – just a form of statement that says that Farmalogist can act on your behalf furing registration process
8. Packaging – both inner and outer in form of layouts
9. Instruction for use – if you have separate document, or a statement that all info is on the package (original document, on your company memo, signed and stamped)
10. Technical file (original or notarized copy)
Hoping to hear from you soon, 
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