Kuveyt, Kuru incir ve kayısı alım talebi

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Kuru incir ve kayısı fiyat teklifi almak istiyoruz.
Please kindly provide us prices of dried fruit figs and apricots.

Kuveytli bir gıda toptancısı firma Türkiye’den kuru incir ve kayısı ithal etmek istediklerini, fiyat teklifleri talep ettiklerini beyan etmektedir.
We are one of the big companies in Kuwait, in the field of selling food
Please kindly provide us a list of items and the prices.
All categories and degrees of quality first, second, thirds
Especially the dried fruit-Figs and apricots etc.
Also please send a photo with a model for packaging and sizes,
In addition to the price of products, Please notify us of air and sea freight prices ,
The period of time necessary for the arrival of the consignment from the date of demand.
1- Product Name
2- Measure unit / kg
3- Unit price
4- Packaging capacity
5- The total package price
6- Shipping shipment costs (By the sea / by plane)
7- Any other fees
Please also let us know the proper way to do your payment, while ensuring the shipment arrives specifications,
quantities and quality and date as it is required.
We are waiting for your reply
Hoping that received this e-mail, you are in perfect health
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