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İhtiyacımız olan dalgıç pompalar için acilen teslim süresi dahil teklif almak istiyoruz 
We kindly request you to please quote us your best price, estimated delivery date for submersible pump
Suudi Arabistan’dan yazan bir grup şirketi yetkilisi denizcilikle ilgili her türlü makine, ekipman, tank, pompa, vana ve bakım malzemeleri tedariği yaptıklarından bahisle Savunma Bakanlığı’na ve hastanelere de çeşitli konularda malzeme tedarik ettiklerini ifade ettikten sonra aşağıda detayı verilen dalgıç pompalar için öncelikle birebir aynı tip ve özellikte olmak üzere kısa sürede teklif almak isteklerini belirtmiştir:
Dalgıç Pompa
Gerilim: 380 V
Akım: 100 A
Faz: 3
Debi: 22 m3/hr.
Basma yüksekliği: 21.5 m
Devir: 3410
Disk: 2.5″ dk
Miktar: 2 ad


We are a group of companies which head office in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Today we are the leading supplier of marine equipment and various types of marine machinery for boats and vessels, pumps, valves, maintenance (after sales service and spare parts) for the entire naval base in the Kingdom. It is always our endeavor that we coordinate and deal with reputed manufacturers and factories in order to meet the satisfaction of our client in terms of quality service as well as price competitiveness of our end user, our extensive years of experienced in logistics and supply has made us to be the legitimate accredited supplier in various sector of ministry of defense and aviation, ministry of interior K.S.A.& Government hospital as well.
we kindly request you to please quote us your best price, estimated delivery date, as per the given mentioned items, CIF Jeddah Ssaudi Arabia
submersible pump
type: 2120 BH
code: 461.00
volts: 380 V
amp: 100 A
phase: 3
q: 22 m3/hr.
h: 21.5 m
rpm: 3410
disc: 2.5″ dk
qty: 2 pcs.
note:please include in the offer the shipping cost, certificate of origin attested by their respective chamber commerce, commercial invoice, wire transfer fees or any other fees maybe required for this transaction.
“please include the data sheet along with the price offer”
hope to hearing from you soonest.
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