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Bebek giysileri almak istiyoruz
We are planning to buy baby clothes for girls and boys of preschool age
Finladiyalı bir firma, 1-5 yaş arası erkek ve kız çocuk ve bebekler için ana okulu kıyafetleri almak istemektedir.
We are planning to buy baby clothes for girls and boys of preschool age (1-5 years) in the budget price range, but of good quality.
Also interested in branded clothing for the same segment, but not expensive!
A little about us: We are planning to open online store, and subsequently one or more shops. Looking for manufacturers with very good prices, as if from the beginning of contracts about deliveries, possibly with our growth progressively increase the volume of purchases. Initially, we need a very good (not inflated prices).
Suppliers will be selected according to the tender approach. Contribute to the decision if the producer will provide us samples of their product catalogs and prices. If the samples are not free, we can pay if necessary. Under the samples I mean CPD material or finished product range.
Leather clothing and footwear (in general) is not interested.
The question that most interested -> how many will buy.
I would like to buy a lot, very much! All, of course relative, and we do not yet know how to go all the goods, so it is difficult to answer.
I think that the agreement will need to do so to the very beginning for dumping prices (for promotion – about a year or two), and then with progressive volumes such as quarterly sales at established fence or the annual amount of orders. Ourselves interested in progressive sales and large volumes, believe me!
I think you can do a test batch within a couple of thousand euros, no more, then we’ll see how everything will be sold.
Logistics: we also need outlets for transport companies that are willing to engage in the transport of small quantities of goods – will be grateful for this information, as it is one of the key issues in the cooperation.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Best regards,
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