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Akım trafosu almak istiyoruz
We would like to request a quotation for Current Transformers
Brunei’den iletişime geçen bir endüstriyel ürünler satıcısı firma Siemens marka akım trafolarına ihtiyacı olduğunu belirterek, verilen özelliklere uygun trafo almak istediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Dear Sir,
We are trading Co. that active about industrial products.
We understand that your company can provide some product fit our business requirement and would like to request a quotation as bellow:
1-Current Transformer , 150/1/1A KL1 15 VA n<5 , KL 3 30VA 2 PCS n>10 Type:4MA62 , Siemens
2-Current Transformer , 400/1/1A KL1 15 VA n<5 , KL 3 30VA 2 PCS n>10 Type:ASK30 , Siemens L. Nr 223036
We hope that this can be start of a long lasting business relationship.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions
Assuring you of our best attention at all times.
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